What is Cataract?
Opaque crystalline lens.
Why does it occur?
The majority of cataracts are involutional. It is rarely congenital. Metabolic and some neurological conditions can be responsible.
Blurring of the vision, reduction of vision and glare in the bright light, becoming more short-sighted, rarely double vision in the affected eye.
There is no medical treatment to date. Surgical removal of the lens and insertion of intra-ocular lens is a routine treatment. Phaco emulsification of the lens (Phaco Technique) is the most recent technique.
Eyelid disease has to be treated beforehand. Systemic infection can increase the chance of post operative infection. Operation is complex but routinely performed by trained surgeons. There is a very high success rate. But there is a 3/1000 chance of worsening of vision due to complications following cataract surgery.

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