These are set in well-equipped twin clinic rooms. They are situated adjacent to a modern treatment room for minor surgical procedures such as biopsies, lachrimal investigations including endoscopy and post-operative care including adjusting sutures. One oculoplastic junior doctor and a nurse support all clinics.

Consultant-run clinics are as follows:

  • Adnexal Clinic: 4 / month
    (Complex oculoplastic, Orbit and socket rehabilitation)
  • Lacrimal Clinic: 3 / month
    (Probing, canalicular & endonasal endoscopy)
  • Thyroid Eye Clinic: 1 / month
    (Orbit & Thyroid Eye Disease) - with endocrinologist support)
  • Urgent assessment Clinic: 2 / month
    (Minor lid procedure & evaluation of adnexal emergencies)
  • General Clinics: 4 / month
    (cataract, ant. segment, Neuro-ophthalmology)


The 2 theatres have standard ophthalmic surgical facilities but are well equipped for a broad spectrum of oculoplastic and adnexal surgical procedures.

Consultant-run theatres are as follows:

  • Adnexal Theatre: 4 / month, GA
    (Complex lid, socket, lacrimal & orbital surgery)
  • Oculoplastic Theatre: 3-4 / month, LA
    (Eye-lid and lacrimal surgery under local anaesthesia)
  • Lacrimal Theatre: 3 / month, GA
    (Advanced lacrimal, endoscopic surgery with stenting)
  • Paediatric Theatre: 1 / month, GA
    (Paediatric eye-lid and lacrimal surgery)
  • Cataract Theatre: 1-2 per month, LA

Teaching Facilities

There is a dedicated area for teaching within the department. This is equipped with multimedia and data-projection facilities. There is weekly departmental teaching. It includes a Journal Club, followed by case presentations and a didactic talk by one of the consultants or a guest speaker. There are extra tutorial sessions during the week supervised by a senior resident or one of the consultants. In addition, there are regular Audit sessions.


The Trust has a well-equipped postgraduate centre (the Norfolk and Norwich Institute for Medical Education-NANIME). Most of the reputable ophthalmic publications are available. There is access to the Internet and on-line search facilities.

Wet Lab

A Wet Lab is soon to be available for microsurgical suturing exercise and phaco-emulsification of the lens. Artificial tissue is available for suturing practice.


There is ample material for clinical research. By prior arrangement, basic science research facilities may be available in the School of Biological Sciences at UEA.

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