Clinical work

The service offers high quality oculoplastic and lacrimal expertise. A high percentage of the patients are tertiary referrals. The orbital work carried out by the adnexal service covers a catchment area of approximately 700,000. The weekly general clinics cover general ophthalmology with an emphasis on external eye, cataract, anterior segment and neuro-ophthalmology.

Surgical activity

Oculoplastic procedures performed include:

  • Eyelid and socket:- correction of lid malposition (ectropion, entropion, ptosis, congenital deformities, traumatic) including adjustable techniques, eyelid reconstruction, socket reconstruction, hard palate graft, intra-conal and orbital floor implants, pegging of intra-ocular implants and facia prosthesis following enucleation and exenteration.
  • Lacrimal procedures:- External, endonasal and endocanalicular Dacryocystorhinostomies (DCRs), CDCR, DCR with retrograde and Lester Jones intubation, endocanalicular surgery including various types of stents and laser assisted surgery.
  • Orbital procedures: - Orbitotomy, orbital floor fracture repairs, orbital decompression.
  • Cataract surgery: - Almost 100% phacoemulsfication cataract surgery under topical anaesthesia.
  • Emergency surgery: - Repair of the globe, eyelid lacerations involving lachrimal apparatus, surgery for orbital cellulitis, optic nerve decompression, excision or biopsy of orbital tumours and repair of orbital trauma.


There is continual teaching of the Fellow and specialist trainees on a one to one basis during clinics and at surgery. There is a weekly oculoplastic/neuro-ophthalmic tutorial and departmental teaching (Friday pm) often includes oculoplastic case presentations. The East Anglia Oculoplastic and lachrimal Group was established in June 2000 and holds regional meetings with case presentations and a guest speaker every 6 months. In the future it is hoped there will be joint meetings with Dutch oculoplastic colleagues.


Research relating to the histochemical analysis of orbicularis oculi muscle requires completion and Fellows interested in this type of research will be encouraged and supported. Ample opportunities in general ophthalmic and oculoplastic clinical research will be available.

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